The Beautiful Game

- work in progress -
The additional commentary during a football match has become a reliable source of information. It causes viewers to blindly hold their words as gospel, even if they make inaccurate ethnic misconceptions.

2021 - ongoing

As a massive football fan, I notice that racism is visible in many aspects of the game, intentional and unintentional. The deep-rooted problem is still that white players and black players are not being treated the same within the pillars of the organizations.

By researching this problem and noticing it more as I focussed on the live commentary, I was eager to do something with my findings to kick racism a bit further out of the game.

As a work in progress, I will share my experiments, research, and findings while I create a new form of football commentary that will do justice, unlike the current, subjective, one-dimensional view of reality presented by the media.

2022 — Rotterdam