We are conditioned to conform to the artificial lifestyle, making us users feel less free, conscious, and reflective.

Animal-Human Condition
w/ Susanne Broer
The dog has been conditioned to conform to our human necessities, hence the name “man’s best friend.”

The leash, collar and other tools are objects for us to correct their behaviour, and reinforce our positions as owners.

As owners, we questioned ourselves to look at situations where we also are being conditioned to conform to a certain lifestyle, leaving us to feel less free, conscious and reflective.

This is the device that would stop us from using our instincts, namely grabbing our mobile phones out of habit.

We limited our impulses through shackles and chains and applied the same system on ourselves as how we condition dogs, using jewellery as a replacement for the leash to restrain our thumbs from touching our phones.

We used this bracelet as a tool to take a stand in our modern society. Owning our problems,
facing and embracing the addiction and taking back control.


These designs were handmade using messing, aluminium and steel. 

2023 — Rotterdam