Concept, Research, Art-Direction, Graphic Design


The additional commentary during a football match has become a reliable source of information. It causes viewers to blindly hold their words as gospel, even if they make inaccurate ethnic misconceptions.

Boys Too

The unseen and unspoken scene of young boys in prostitution remains hidden, so the problem will never disappear and only get bigger — we made this visible through a supermarket ad.

Art-Direction, Product Design, Photography


Mankind has disturbed the harmony by chasing the birds away — therefore, we decided to give back to the birds in the shape of birdhouses.


We are conditioned to conform to the artificial lifestyle, making users feel less free, conscious, and reflective.

Concept, Coding, Research

Data Is The New Oil

We used our human common sense to think more simply and outsmart the machine by not getting lost and confused trying to learn Spotify's algorithms.

2024 — Rotterdam